Projects: The Digital Edition

Works in progress

So, I recently met a cousin, which in itself is pretty cool, and she turns out to be uber-cool with, you know, her sauce totally together. I happen to mention in one of our texty-chats, that I am exceedingly far from having my sauce together. Hell, I’m not even sure if I ever had any sauce. Have you checked the cupboard?

My life, I say, is pretty much utter chaos, base to apex. (This is true; you haven’t seen it yet, but stick around and you will.) I show her this picture of my, ah, work area, and I say, this mountain is 30% filing and 80% unfinished projects. (I fudged the numbers because some of it is digital, so technically, not contributing a lot to this mess.)

And she, bless her head, sensibly suggests that I ditch everything except the three best. I mean, honestly. How am I supposed to do that? Have another squizz at that pic. Does it look to you like I can find three projects out of that lot, let alone identify the best?

It then occurs to me that maybe she means the three best in each category, because I have many different kinds of projects. Families of projects. Honeys, I’ve got whole communities of projects on the go. Or off the go. Or somewhere near the go.

In the interests of clarity, therefore, I offer the first in an occasional column seeking to create order from chaos, by cataloguing how many projects I have in the works. By category.

This week: Digital projects.

1. I started a blog. You are looking at it.

2. I have an Instagram account. See the link over there? I put that link there all by myself, even though Instagram wasn’t even invented last time I had a blog. The blog and the Insta are part of the new career I want to build for myself, so. Pretty important.

3. I wrote a novel. Yes, really. It’s at the second-draft, “sitting in a drawer, waiting for me to have enough distance to view it critically” phase. No, you can’t see it yet.

4. I’m writing a non-fiction book. Because starting a new project is a great way to clear the old project out of your head, amIright?

5. I did photobooks for the children in 2012, 2013, and 2015. The photos for 2014 are mostly collated, I think? And all the photos since are right here on… oh, no they’re not, they’re on the old laptop, the one with the dead keyboard…

6. … that I am trying to replace, as soon as I remember to return the Wrong Replacement Keyboard and track down the Right Replacement Keyboard. (Wait. Does this count as a project?)

7. I kept a load of bumf from our holiday on Stradbroke Island in 2015, which was The Most Idyllic Holiday Ever. I want to make a photobook of that, too, that I will brandish, in future years, when the kids complain we never did anything fun.

8. Ditto, our 2016 road trip. Think the photos from this are halfway through being sorted. Though of course they’re on the dud laptop. Drat.

9. There may be another novel, sort of, um, lurking. For after I’ve finished the non-fiction book, gone back and edited the novel and bunged it in the post. Which will be… soon.

There, see? That wasn’t so ridiculous, was it? I knew this category business would help. I only wish I’d thought of it earlier.

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