Pause for a moment

This is a gratitude post, because the climate and Mum and the Federal election and the climate and Alabama and the climate and Murdoch and the climate and no sleep and oh, dear God, I cannot even bear to think about it. So.

1. Last night, my lovely sister took the kids out for dinner so the Skeptic and I could go celebrate our twentieth wedding anniversary. There have been many, many times in the past seven or eight years where I wasn’t sure our marriage would last another day, but fortunately we’d been together so long already that I was pretty confident it was just a phase. A long, crappy phase, to be sure, but a phase nonetheless, and I’m glad neither of us have quit trying to get back to how we were. That we both still want a future together. That is no small thing and it keeps me going.

2. I am grateful for the hours the Skeptic and I put in out back yesterday. Now that I’ve built the gate to keep the vandals out, he spent a couple of hours cleaning poop, feed and feathers off the patio and I could finally plant: kale, spinach, rocket, peas. Oat grass in portable beds for the girls. Dirt under the fingernails: best therapy there is.

3. I am grateful for the girls at the cafe where I write on a Sunday morning. They know my order; they always have a smile and a chat.

4. I am profoundly grateful for U2. Yes, I know: wankers. But they always, always make me feel better, especially when overwhelmed by global despair. I also appreciate, more than you can imagine, the technology allowing me to bluetooth music from my computer directly into my hearing aids while I work.

5. I am grateful for the homeschool group where my kids and I have absolutely found our tribe, the teachers and their kids being absolutely cut from the same crazy cloth. Wise, wry women and weird, wonderful children. It feels good knowing I’ll see them on Tuesday.

6. Last, but far from least, I have the best friends. I’ve rewritten this paragraph twice because the more I thought about it the more I had to appreciate: from Abbie letting me bounce bonkers business ideas off her (“So crazy it just might work!”) to Andrew lending me Factfulness (which promises to save me from the global despair) to Belinda volunteering so much for the Greens, to her son Sebastian doing so much painting, to Kirsty coming to help clean, to Sharon starting a group to make Boomerang Bags to Jo and Suz and the acceptance and encouragement they’ve offered with parenting, writing, homeschooling – my friends are everything you could possibly wish them to be and then more. Considerably more. They don’t just keep me going, they show me the way, and for that I am more grateful than words can ever say.

There. That helped.

How about you?

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