I’m one of those people who writes because I need to: I wrote my first novel-length story during my final year of high school and my second during my first degree. After that my scribbling urges were directed towards getting my Masters and Doctoral degrees in Media and Cultural Studies, teaching and research posts in Australia and the UK, and helping edit the journals Intensities and Social Semiotics. I had qualifications! I had skills! I had a plan!

That all went by the wayside when I gave birth to a couple of anarchists. At first I just thought I’d write another fiction MS while my career and I were ‘on a break’, but after ten years away I’ve realised two important things. One, I’m learning more, growing more, and having waaay more fun than I ever did in universities. Two, I spent decades waiting for my qualifications to give me the authoritah to speak. I thought I needed references to back me up. And really, that’s no way to live.

So, yes. I may be the only person you’ll ever meet whose second birth plan had footnotes and a bibliography, but these days, I get authoritah from my wrinkles, and from living with these two wonderful people who’ve forced me to reassess everything I thought I knew about intelligence, learning, life, and myself. And because it’s something I wrestle with fifteen hours a day, every day, I’m not waiting any longer to join the conversation. I hope you’ll join in.